Emergence of Periscope and Meerkat

Top 10 ways Periscope and Meerkat can disrupt the media Industry!

Both Periscope and Meerkat have created a new livestream social network leveraging your twitter followers. Meerkat’s SWSW launch and the smart growth hack on top of twitter has helped it to grow pretty fast. Whereas, Periscope is powered by Twitter, it definitely has extra love from Twitter and big muscle power in terms of taking this new concept to a whole new level. Here are a few scenarios where both Periscope and Meerkat (livestream social network) can make huge impacts:

  1. Citizen journalists- Periscope users can report live from anywhere about any incidents. It could be similar to what Twitter was when launched but with a more engaging content in the form of a video
  2. Live concert or fashion show- This will be super cool when you are watching the next Imagine Dragons or Katy Perry concert live on periscope or meerkat
  3. Political conferences/speeches- Even presidential candidates could exploit periscope and meerkat in the upcoming 2016 US election to connect to the voters. They would want to as they would go beyond their regular social (Twitter and Facebook) strategy.
  4. Live game-The next super bowl could be live streamed on Periscope by one of your friends sitting in the box (Until NFL bans it ☺)
  5. Rescue (The new 911) : Live streaming an incident and call for immediate help could be a very big use case. With location and live streaming combined together these apps could be very powerful. It is possible that these products will be able to get the neighbors reach sooner to the incident than the local police. (the app might need some easy features on that, but its something to think about)
  6. Live classroom- Professors can live stream classes on periscope, not all schools have state of the art AV system, periscope or meerkat could be their answer.
  7. Live Oscars!!- What about the next Oscars or the Grammys live on periscope ?
  8. News channel- For your early morning news, CNN might have a live stream on periscope, users could follow and consume this content on their phones rather than on a TV
  9. GoPro Periscope- Your next adventure will be live on Periscope, wait until they launch the GoPro integration
  10. Live traffic- Stuck in a traffic, you could report it through periscope live stream and live location. Waze or Google map can capture it to show users live videos for with red traffic line on google map. (may be a stretch, but an interesting one ☺)

With such a huge potential this could be as disrupting as what Uber was for the transportation industry. We have to wait and watch how the big publishing houses (Universal, Sony etc. ), news agencies and stars adapt this new medium and create value for both users and themselves. Let me know your thoughts or if you want to add more to this list.


@vannonae Thanks for the traffic idea, keep them coming ☺