Twenty One Things to Get Excited About This Summer on Birthright

Start mentally preparing for what’s to come…..

1. Your first view of Israel

Nothing makes you heart race more than this view when you first see the coast of Israel

2. Real hummus

Photo by: @beccanashhh

You may think you know hummus, but you don’t. And no, SABRA IS NOT REAL HUMMUS!

3. Rafting down the Jordan River

It’s a race to the finish down this historical river! Who will win??

4. Testing your haggling skills when you buy hamsa necklaces for your friend

Because if you didn’t come back with a collection of these, did you even really Birthright?

5. The most amazing, sensual smells you will ever experience in the shuk

6. Selfie opportunities from across the world.

Photo by: Chava Backman

7. Camel-backing across the desert


8. Having the coolest rabbi you’ll ever meet as one of your staff

Don’t you wish your rabbi had swag like mine?

9. Eating some of the freshest produce in the world.

At the Salad Trail, you even get to pick and eat your own!

10. Experiencing the power of the Kotel firsthand

11. Celebrating Shabbat in Israel with your new family

Shabbat Shalom from these nice Jewish girls!

13. Becoming fast friends with the soldiers joining your trip!

14. Learning about the history and perseverance of the State of Israel

Being in the same room where Israel was declared a country will give you chills

15. Sleeping more on the bus (or against random walls) more than in your hotel rooms

16. The wonderment of floating in the Dead Sea

You’ll wonder what kind of sorcery this is, until you learn it’s the 35% salt content keeping you afloat

17. Making it to the top of Masada and hearing the story of what happened

Am Yisrael Chai (up)

18. Seeing the most breathtaking views of Israel

Shalom from the top of Jerusalem

19. Having shawarma or falafel become one of your basic food groups.

Just look at that blissed out expression!

20. Becoming a part of a 40 person family in just 10 short days!

Mayanot mishpacha forever!

21. Realizing your Mayanot trip was the greatest gift you have ever received.

But you’ll be back — l’hitraot!
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