Common Core Math is Not the Enemy
Brett Berry

Thank you so much!! To me this is numeracy and what I have been doing my entire life while my Teachers and Professors were beating me down with a variety of “must learn” equations and formats for various algorithms.

I frequently help my children with their math homework, before the Common Core, and my Husband (who was a Math Tutor in secondary school and continued into adulthood, and who is extremely analytical) would frequently remark about how intriguing the way I viewed numbers was, or the way that I explained how to calculate an answer to a mathematical problem intuitively. To me Common Core makes sense in that it removes the “Show your work” which was frequently where I would struggle, as I had the gift of being able to intuitively understand the problem and to mentally map it out.

Your explanation is extremely helpful. I would love to find a good resource that can help us to translate the terminology the kids are using, we just helped our 3rd grader with her homework and she had to complete problems then identify whether they were one of five different types of Arrays and equal group multipliers/divisors, or some such thing (she has gone out to play with her friend and put her math book away so pardon my ignorance). When she asked me to check her math and sign off as her “Homework Helper” we called in the big guns (her Father and her 7th Grade Sister), the Big Guns were as empty as I was. The 3rd Grader, unfortunately, didn’t have the capacity to explain the different terms to us — we asked her to teach us. So this led me to your post via a friend @ChrisJohnston on Twitter.

Thanks so much! I shall be reading more I expect!

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