London Real — Speak To Inspire

A journey with Brian Rose, Virginia Czarnocki, Christina Castaneda, Lisa May, Susan Guner and others

As someone who mentors entrepreneurs, senior corporate managers and business consultants in third-eye based consciousness-based skills so as to have better access to their full potential, I joined the course to take my game to the next level.

My special expertise exists in understanding material reality and the energy and consciousness behind it. My clients have been with me for years and respect me for my unique talent. I am very comfortable with my private group workshops. When it comes to stage, speaking to a large audience, vlogging live, I wasn’t using even a wee part of my potential.

I joined the 6-weeks Speak To Inspire course for a couple of reasons.

I had taken a 3-year sabbatical and was just back to work. I was looking for something to spark a momentum for me. I was also looking to develop my capability to inspire large and diverse audience. And finally to articulate my work in simple each-to-understand nuggets.

I observed myself express in new and beautiful ways each week.

Every week we had to post at least 3–4 live vlogs. I got very comfortable with technology. But more important was the fear of being ridiculed, disappeared. I got a compliment from a client of my mine, a senior HR manger that I spoke with a voice that said, ‘Pay attention to this!’ Another compliment I got was from a friend who is a senior director of an Indian mutual fund company. He said my posts are so relevant and that I should post them on LinkedIn.

Another change I noticed, is my ability to speak with ease and flow. I loved the process of crafting my speech, layer by layer. Today I feel a pro at crafting a speech.

The course also allowed me to explore and express my thoughts in more inspiring ways. I am more comfortable with expressing my vulnerability and receiving feedback in areas I can improve.

The course is intense and immersive and keeps you on your toes, but I loved each moment and I am go grateful to London Real, Brian Rose and his team.