Tough week at the office

Apologies in advance to anyone reading this that isn’t a personal trainer. I have had a testing week at the office (the gym I work at) and decided to dedicate this post to all the PTs out there that might read this just for us to have a communal relate hate and then appreciate of our job role and all the things it entails! To make up for the specificity in audience enjoyment I will aim to limit the use of fitness industry jargon 😁.

I work for a very well known corporate gym and I’m based fairly central of London, this means the network I have access and type of clients I have are incredible any trainers dream! However with that I get the joys of 4 am starts and 9pm finishes which admittedly are made more durable because of how appreciative and brilliant my clients are, I get to explain the fun fable of how although my clients pay a hefty sum for my service I actually don’t keep a lot of that although this again can be traded off by the number of good development courses I have access too BUT here’s the one stickler I can’t find a pro for.. THE PRESSURE.

‘What pressure? You get to charge people to count how many times they do an exercise!’ Says my (bitter because I decided against further education) Dad.

Any personal trainer who works for any type of corporate gym is under tremendous pressure to hit targets and give to their companies in the form of hours clients and numerous other divisions of numbers.

What’s worse is in my gym my managers seem to think my job is easy, they don’t value quality only quantity. It’s sad to say that on the inside more often than not the bad trainer stereotype is not vetted as long as they’re providing numbers.

What’s sadder still is trainers of sustenance and genuine care are given no value whilst these mediocre to bad trainers mass producing session numbers of terrible quality are given all the praise! Rules are conveniently forgotten and instilled based on who likes who, money and rewards allotted on the same principle and sometimes extend to who’s sleeping with who and every person who you don’t even remember attending your school seem to want to make up for lost time on a sadistic power trip.

As you’re reading this you might be nodding along and outwardly sighing ‘welcome to the workplace’ but I guarantee there’s nothing quite as irritating as some of the characters in my workplace.

So next time you’re in a similar gym and you’re met with luxurious surroundings and service with a smile just know 90% of the employees are 10 minutes away from running in the back office and crying whilst hitting their head against a boxing glove 😊

Happy Friday! ✌🏽️

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