Theming a Nuxt app has never been easier

Dark and light mode support has been a recent trend due to the impact on our eyesight caused by the time spent on devices. With Tailwind CSS and the proper Nuxt.js

What’s new and what’s Nuxt

Been waiting for Nuxt 3.0 to build Jamstack (static) apps? No need for that. The latest Nuxt version, v2.14, may be just what you are looking for.

Curious? Let’s start.

What Is Jamstack?

For anyone who was not familiar, Jamstack (or JAMstack) is a web development architecture in which JAM stands for client-side…

What is currentColor in CSS?

Making reusable SVG icons and consistent color theme for components while keeping the style sheets short is now achievable with currentColor — a CSS Module 3 variable. But what's exactly is currentColor? And how do we achieve color consistency and create reusable SVG icons with it? Let's find out.

What Is currentColor?


Theming a web application is always a challenge, and it can easily lead to performance issues. CSS pre-processor variables are good, but not enough for dynamic theming. Luckily, CSS variables can help to solve this challenge efficiently.

So what are CSS Variables? How do they help to enable theming? And…

Promise is not only one of the most commonly used ES6 features but also a challenging concept to understand or explain, even for experienced developers. What exactly is Promise API, and why is it considered a significant improvement to JavaScript? We are going to find out in this post.


Last November, I was honored to speak at Vue Toronto (VueConfTO) — a 3-day Vue.js conference in Toronto, Canada. Sharing the stage with me was the creator of Vue.js — Evan You and other excellent speakers, some of whom became my friends and teammates in many ways. …

Syntactic sugar is everywhere in JavaScript, all for making the language as dynamic and simple-to-learn as it has been for the last decade. Most will say it’s JUST syntactic sugar — a tiny bit of candy that makes your coding life sweeter and feels totally harmless. Well, is it? …

This is a never ending argument between JavaScript developers. Some will say one way is good, and others will strongly prefer another. So which is considered better practice, let’s find out together, shall we?

The case — Dress up according to my mood

Assume we have a method that will take in a mood and return some clothes to…

Arrow function is considered as one of most popular ES6 features. Have you ever wonder why and how to use it? If so, you got to the right place. Let our journey of understanding arrow function expression begin.

As usual, let’s do a quick brief on old concepts about function…

JavaScript is strictly a prototype-based language and treats everything under one form: Object.
OK. So what why do we need Classes in ES6? Are they similar to the Classes in other language like Java, C#, etc? Does it change JavaScript’s core from prototype-based to class-based?

Well, let us find out.

Maya Shavin

Senior Front-End Developer @Cloudinary

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