A Full-Throated Sonnet

English 9

owed to Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Consecration”

A sonnet’s full throat hast Thou, my Guru,
 Placed in Thy opening lay of “Consecration” — 
 In Thy masterful Songs of the Soul — 
 Where shower meets flower as grown follows born
 Where the loneliness of seeking
 Finds the seeker found.

A second sestet bursts into a humble offering — 
 Thou spreadst before the All-Seeing Divine
 Thy sheaves of leaves — the best flowers
 From Thy garden of verse.
 Thy flowers’ scent exudes soul inspired;
 Thy riming power leaves the petals in tact.

Would that I may follow Thy lead,
 To that Cosmic Home in verse and in deed.