Maya Shedd

for Paramahansa Yogananda

Long have I been diverted from Spirit to matter
 Under the influence of the measurer whose power 
 To limit is limited only by the absence of light.

From Reality to unreality, the magician whose power
 Pervades creation has kept me divided and manipulated
 Perceiving shadows as Substance for which I must strive.

Self-serving smugness has held me
 In a vice-grip as I sank into mud
 Habit by habit, wish by wish, desire by desire.

My bone-dry soul finally dragged itself to the oasis 
 Of the all-quenching, living waters, where the Divine 
 Hands me the tools with which to cut and rend the veil.

Thus, I transcend from maya veiled to Maya Shedd — 
 Meditating, chanting, praying, following the path 
 With love and gratitude for my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda.