Is it Ever Too Late to Start Writing?

Why should you even bother to start writing or blogging?

“I’ve waited too long,” you might be thinking. “It’s too late.”

You’re not the only one who feels this way.

Even current writers and bloggers struggle with thinking they’re too late to start certain writing projects.

Excuses, Excuses

What’s holding you back from writing?

Maybe you’ve thought, “I’m too old.”

I’ve seen this excuse used (online and in person) by writers as young as in their early 20s.

Here are some other excuses.

  • “Everyone says that I can’t make any money writing a book.”
  • “People tell me that blogging is dead.”
  • “Somebody already has a blog on my topic.”
  • “Somebody already wrote a book with the same plot or subject.”

None of these excuses matter.

The Truth About Writing

It’s never too late to start writing and sharing your voice with others.

There’s still time for you to create amazing stories that people want to read. It’s not too late to start a blog or write a book that inspires other people.


Because, unfortunately, there will always be an inspiration shortage in this world.

People will always need to hear and read inspiring words. There will always be someone who needs to be reminded that they are not alone in this world.

We all need someone to remind us that we are not the only one facing a certain problem, or living with an illness, or struggling with another type of issue.

First Doesn’t Mean Best or Famous

Why do you think you have to be the first person to write about a specific idea to be successful?

Author/blogger Ed Newman gives great examples of companies, like Ford and Google, that became wildly successful, but were not the first, or even one of the first, companies to offer a type of product that people wanted.

Also, youth is not king.

Laura Ingalls Wilder became a legendary writer for writing compelling stories about growing up during the late 1800s in the rural Midwest.

She was in her mid-40s and living in Missouri when she started her writing career by writing for a regional publication.

Another 20 years passed when Laura had her first book published. The popular series of books, the “Little House” series, began being published when Laura was in her mid-60s. Her most famous book from the series, “Little House on the Prairie,” was published when she was 68 years old.

She was 76 when her last book of the original 8-book Little House series was published.

Start Writing Now!

Now, this does not give you an excuse to procrastinate.

You still need to start writing something today, even if you’re only writing 15 to 30 minutes per day. If you can write for a longer amount of time, then by all means, please do so.

The next week, month, year, and decade are going to pass whether you write something or don’t. You might as well spend part of that time writing and creating something you care about.

No one has heard or read a story told from your unique point of view.

We need you!

We need to read your words and hear your voice.

So, what will you write for us today?

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