Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s pumps are well known throughout the fashion world, as well as outside of it. His iconic red soles push him a step apart from other shoe makers. The red sole has been an icon since it’s early inception in 1993, it has since become somewhat of a status symbol. In Jason Derulo’s 2017 single “Swalla” he references the shoe and links it to beverly hills, “Met her out in Beverly Hills, All she wear is red bottom heels”. Louboutin’s shoes transcend time.

His success links directly to this bold statement sole; however his classic styles, clean lines and stiletto heel brought the shoe into an iconic state. The simple yet elegant and sexy shape of his shoes could be considered a staple in any woman’s closet. The addition of the red sole lends itself to exclusivity. When customers purchase Louboutin’s pumps they become members of the “red sole family”. This besides being a great style element, becomes a fantastic marketing tool.

So Kate and Pigalle

One of my favorite designs of Louboutin’s is from his So Kate line. This particular variation of the So Kate features poudre glitter covering the entire pump, yet still showcasing the prominent red sole. Another design I am fond of because of the variations it includes is the staple the Pigalle. Louboutin knows one can never have too many pumps, and with his Pigalle line variations there is a red sole pump for any occasion. Louboutin’s pumps are timeless and have been popular since the red heel inception in 1993. His pumps proved sleek and sexy, a status symbol, and an item to lust after. A main focus of this class has been the ability of an item to be timeless, similar to the Little Black Dress. While Louboutin’s own line is relatively new, compared to the LBD, he has been able to keep the brand alive and thriving; just as did when it was first introduced in 1993.

Pigalle, various heel heights
Pigalle Plato
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