Buildings Planned But Never Built

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Oct 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Did you ever know that there are actually very large buildings out there that were planned and never built but could have a big impact on all of us today? Read on to find out more…

Fourth Grace, Liverpool, UK

Fourth Grace was designed specifically for office space, a hotel and community facilities including a bar, restaurant and viewing gallery. It’s huge architecturally designed plan was cancelled in 2004 due to spirally costs.

The Minerva Building, London, UK

This incredible one-million-square-foot building in London was originally planned to be London’s tallest and largest office tower, if it had been built. The project was cancelled in 2006 , again due to costs. Otherwise the building would of been very significant now.

Hotel Attraction, New York City, USA

Architect Antoni Gaudi designed Hotel Attraction to be the tallest building in New York at the time, the planned height was 360 metres — probably very unrealistic for it’s time. Little is known about it’s origins and it was all unknown until 1956 when a report called ‘The New World Called Gaudi’ was released.

Bike Lane In The Sky, Copenhagen, Denmark

A very ambitious plan, The Bike Lane In The Sky in Copenhagen. It would provide a ‘crossing’ between two skyscrapers that are at the ‘mouth’ of the city’s harbour. People would get the chance to walk or ride across while getting a great view of the city below them. In 2008, an American Architect, Steven Holl, first proposed the project. After much discussion the plan was cancelled in 2015 because the local government officials believed that people wouldn’t actually use it.

Which one is the best? Which one should of been built?

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