How Much Does Video Marketing Cost?

For small businesses video marketing could be a difficult task, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s some ideas on how you can keep those costs down.

Firstly, is animated videos. A lot of brand seems to use animated explainer videos to introduce and explain the importance of their brand in a fun, small video. They normally last around 30–90 seconds long and in general, are very effective.

Though, unfortunately animated videos don’t come cheap, unless you have someone who can create this in the office, you’ll have to outsource. Though this kind of video might not suit your business, if you do your target market research right you’ll know this in advance.

Some videos are more effective when they’re real, and again if you’ve got people in the office who can ‘star’ in your video, edit and film, that’s great but if not you’re going to need a team.

The cost of hiring a film team to direct, edit and film can actually be less than an animated explainer video, it all depends on who, what and where. The actors, the location and the director, and when you’re a small business this may be way out of your budget.

A product demonstration video might suit your brand better. Show the audience how to actually use the product, whether it be website software or a new coffee maker, it also makes the product look simpler and more appealing to the audience, but this is still a expensive plan.

Now, you might ask yourself ‘What if I can’t afford Video Marketing?’. Well, we have a solution.

At Meantime Media, we offer small business prices at high-quality standards. We know our stuff too, having worked with big brands such as NHS, Debenhams, Mercedezs-Benz, HSBC, Underground and many more, but we still offer low prices!

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