How To Use Video Marketing on Social Media- Meantime Media

Using Video Marketing on social media has proven to one of the most successful ways for your content to reach a greater audience. But with so many different social media platforms growing in popularity, it’s important to create content that engages the demographics of these differing websites. But how do you know what content will be successful on Facebook and not so on Instagram? We’ve taken a look at how to make your video best suited for each social media platforms.


Twitter is similar to Snapchat in that it’s all about fast-pace, quick changing content. Therefore, users won’t wait to engage with long or overly complex videos. Although Twitter’s video length limit is 2 and a half minutes, we suggests making it far shorter than this and not exceeding 30 seconds. Twitter varies from Facebook because hashtags to reach a larger audience are commonplace. Make sure you take advantage of this and are using around 5 relevant hashtags to ensure that you’re reaching as many of your desired target market as possible.


It’s fair to say that Facebook offers the most scope and flexibility as a social media platform and this applies to what kind of videos will grab a user’s attention too. Facebook states that videos can be up to 45 minutes long, although we would never recommend this! Although videos can be longer on Facebook than they can on other social media sites, try not to exceed around 2 minutes. Facebook has a hugely diverse audience yet it’s proven that users are most likely to engage with or share a video because it’s emotionally engaging. Regardless of what emotion a video evokes, Facebook users like content that makes them feel something.

Hashtags were introduced to Facebook a few years back but they’re not used any where near as frequently as they are on Twitter or Instagram. Instead, add links to your website on your video post to direct traffic to your site.


Instagram has really captured the all important 18 to 33 year old demographic! This means that if you post the right content on Instagram you can gain a huge response. Try and keep video length down to as little as 10 seconds and consider using apps such as Boomerang which are proving to be incredibly popular. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is primarily about visuals. Therefore, make sure your video is visually appealing from start to finish! You can use hashtags too, we’d recommend using around 11 or 12 and don’t forget to be creative with them! #standoutfromthecrowd

No matter what social media platform you’re creating video content for, remember to always stick to your mission statement and know what it is you’re trying to say. Good video marketing starts with a confident portrayal of content with stylised visuals that the viewer can relate back to your brand. It’s also important to remember that not all social videos are viral videos; just because your video hasn’t achieved 1000s of shares doesn’t mean it hasn’t be successful in engaging your target market.

And our most important tip? Be creative!

But don’t worry if this all seems a little daunting. Here at Meantime Media we’re happy to answer any queries you may have about your approach to video marketing. You can explore what services we offer here and don’t forget to get in contact!