Ironmongery Bestsellers

Ironmongery one stop shop ‘Ironmongery For You’ have a great list of bestsellers that is something just worth sharing!

From Window Furniture to Fire Exit Hardware, visit IRM for the very best of prices…


Ludlow Foundries Door Stud

This door stud is from the black antique collection at Ludlow Foundries which combines the modern production process with a classic and timeless design.

It’s 15mm sq. and priced at £0.51.

Kirkpatrick 1180 Casement Stay

The Kirkpatrick 1180 Casement Stay is a black antique iron casement stay perfect for Windows. This product is from Kirkpatrick, who are a ironmongery manufacturer with over 160 years experience.

Despite it’s great finish, we recommend to keep all the moving parts oiled to help prevent rust on the surface.

It comes in three options, 204mm 8" at £8.24, 254mm 10" at £9.04 or 304mm 12" at £10.10.

Kirkpatrick 116 Locking Pivot

This Locking Pivot 116, was created to be used alongside a casement stay. Part of the black iron and cast brass range, this locking pivot substitutes for the normal pivot as this enables the window to be locked.

They can also match fasteners which will stay in Kirkpatrick’s collection for a fully coordinated look.

This Locking Pivot is 50mm x 20mm and is priced at £3.46.

Kirkpatrick 1174 Wardrobe Hook

This Kirkpatrick double robe hook can hold multiple items at a time, it’s a traditional yet simple addition and solution for keeping hallways, cloakrooms or wardrobes tidy.

It comes in Kirkpatrick's black antique collection, so it’s made from the highest quality malleable iron, with a plain, black finish that can go with anything, or even the whole collection.

You can save 20% at Ironmongery For You, and get this great item for only £2.82.

Last but not least is the…

Kirkpatrick 814 Hinge

This incredible furniture piece is Kirkpatrick’s 814 T Hinge. It’s a slim straight hinge that grows towards the base of the hinge, with a traditional arrow head shaped end that is perfect for creating an authentic feel and look on wooden doors.

This Tee Hinge comes in 6 different sizes so you can place them on any door, from cupboard to external or front doors.

It also reaches from 50–60% of the door to give as much support as it can, as well as being supplied as a pair with fixings.


152 x 63mm 6" x 2.5"-£13.26

263 x 101mm 10.5" x 4"-£24.36

313 x 101mm 12" x 4"-£26.95

388 x 101mm 15" x 4"-£30.54

456 x 101mm 18" x 4" -£36.23

513 x 101mm 21" x 4" -£43.06

Here at Ironmongery For You we stock a range of ironmongery supplies. From Foxcote Foundaries to Kirkpatrick Ironmongery, we stock everything you’d need to put the finishing touches to your dream home in the dream location! Head over to our website to explore our selection or get in contact today with our customer service team to find out more.

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