Mundane Birthday’s Eve, October 19, 2017.


Diagnostic exams are administered today. We have this sheet where we will shade our answers and the questionnaire. The ability of students to hypothesize and to pray are strengthened through this exams but I have not developed any of these since I do not have those skills at all. The questions are not familiar and we all know the objectives of this exam, to know what field students are dumb.

Nagging toes of my classmates implicates they are really impatient and they want to finish this exam as fast as they could. My classmates who will die because of ice cold temperature inside our room are indeed needed help, the consequence of laziness. I have stopped myself to visit my sweet sanctuary inside my head even though I was absurdly tempted. I am thanking my water bottle who is my companion in this tedious time.

I am lucky to sit in the row where our small window was placed, I can see what happens outside and gives me an opportunity to steal a glimpse from my crushes. Earlier, we bumped to Mr. Dan Christian when we are heading to our classroom and it was a good way to start a day, a lovely encounter. A good morning indeed. Later, I saw Mr. Joshvin who is our upperclassmen and today he wears a black long sleeves which pleased his picturesque body and compliments his overwhelming features. He passed through our corridors then he heads to the washroom. What a day.

I arrived at home around 2pm and I go directly to my bed to sleep. I enjoyed the security and comfort which my bed gives me. These past months, I realized the importance of sleep and time which I lack right now. The days are dull and I will not remonstrate about it, at least now, I accept this life.

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