Field Movement

Maybel Ovalles
5 min readJan 8, 2019


Field Movement

A morphic field is a field of energy that stores information; in the field exist dynamics, settings, processes; it is a memory field, it is an intelligent field, every species shares this web of information, a field of energy. Rupert Sheldrake brought to us the theory of morphic fields, which has been discussed and researched by others in different areas to advance its scope. I believe we can move being encouraged and guided by the intelligence of morphic fields. I discovered this principle in a dance class when I saw my companions move in unison without saying a word, ordered, like birds that migrate. I thought that if we can intentionally tap into that intelligence, it will be possible to create resonances that modify the participants of the experience psychologically and somatically, as well as those close to them in their daily life. To activate the awareness of that field and move in it, exploring spontaneous gestures, stillness and following impulses that come from the information that the field is bringing is possible. A morphic field hold memories, intentions and actions in space and time, and the participants in it know them spontaneously; we can follow that information and embody it, taking the risk to incarnate the dynamic that is present in the moment. A morphic field is created when any of us introduces an intention and an action in space and time, which after being performed several times becomes a specific manifestation of intelligence, then that intelligence can influence the actions of a whole group and create a common memory of a way of doing things. In a morphic field the communication is instantaneous.

This is a group-awareness practice; we move together sharing a secret. The mover tracks their inner responses and the group’s responses at the same time, each person is an antenna to receive information. As human beings we are prepared to communicate with new languages, to create them. Field Movement as psychophysical expression is borne from body languages, from the poetry of the body, from the clear need of trance and altered states of our beings. What I would like to explore is the possibility to express more subtle dimensions of communication, more rare to our usual life; including to our dance life, transmitting realities that can be revealed with our attentive, listening bodies. Field Movement is a proposal to create another type of communication, similar to telepathy — alternative now, and I hope definitive and more popular in the future.

Today, I see how movement synthesizes all the expressive intelligence that has been previously recorded: from the rituals of antique cultures that embodied myths; from the shamanic games, and folk games; from all the dances that the hips and feet can do. To use the intelligence of the movement to communicate and to create intentional morphic resonances with our psychosomatic intelligence interest me very much. What is important to me about movement is to explore the possibility of communication, altered states of consciousness, gaining strength from being in connection with the mythical twin in us, mapping timed space, discovering threads of unknow power. Field Movement is open to all people who practice movement arts, somatic disciplines, bodywork methodologies and to any interested person without previous experience in these areas, however, with true interest to tap into their whole-body intelligence.


The field is the timeless mass-energy of which we are part. I imagine it looks like a volume with a dynamic composition inside, this dynamic composition I call movement. Movement is not the occurrence of an isolated gesture, because the Whole of life is movement. Movement is not born from us, we are of Movement. A person is a phenomenon of movement and there are infinite nuances in the phenomena that each person expresses.

Movement takes different forms, shapes and sometimes becomes language. If one is placed where no movement has been intended, one might find that there the field can be “activated”, being created through a new movement. This previous place, without movement before, can be informed by each one with the specific act we acted upon, which will be in consistency with our capability of reception and our tuning with the whole field.

We are a point in movement on a plane. Space is configured in form-fields. Each space is a plane of particular experience rapped on time. The form, function and place of each one in the space-time will spontaneously sprout, if we allow it. Movement submit us to being part of a dynamic system. We are in a network of instantaneous transformation expressed in the interactions of each of the people within a group.

To move being guided by the “intelligence” of the Field, is to activate the awareness of it, explore spontaneous gestures, stillness, and follow the impulses and information that the Field will give to us.

Investigate the Field following the bread crumbs of your own discoveries to move forward.Here are some ideas:

  1. Movement and the morphic field:
    Space, time and matter exist together. Any given person is a phenomenon of movement. There are infinite nuances in the phenomena that each one expresses; trust it and unfold it, playing without repression, get familiar with your own signs and approaches, they are a path to your language.
  2. Organic creativity and the memory of the new movement:
    Move! and follow what is appearing. Attend to the things that surprise you about your movement, register what felt good, the unpredictable, alluring, daring. Explore intentionally the suggestions of your body.
  3. Movement and its attractors:
    Chaos draws a path in space-time, to be present for it, attentive will help us to develop a relationship with what was, is and will be. In the scope of a movement we can see the attractors of it, what is “leading” them towards somewhere to where we’ll want to go. The attractors can be traced and used as guidance.
  4. Organic choreography:
    Observing and distinguishing is a principle of order. A group of people in a space-time together always create a unique configuration and experience, determined by the vital phenomenon that each participant embodies. What makes us to assimilate or distinguish ourselves from others does not interrupt our empathic being with them; there might be a formal form, a usual code of response, and there is also the intuitive answer to someone, to express it is the call, there will never be an isolated movement.



Maybel Ovalles

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