so it’s not just the fact that we aren’t together.


neo 1 and neo 2, sit onstage in front of each other. other neos bring heart shaped rocks onstage and make a circle around neo 1 and neo 2. neo 1 reads neo 2 poem. neo 2 is different every time.

it’s that, if you can’t handle my anxiety and panic attacks, you. the only person in the world i felt could understand that. if you can’t handle that then i don’t think anyone else can. if it pains you so much that you can’t be with me -because i’ll always overthink everything-, that you have to leave me. then leave me.

and i know i wrote this after overthinking everything, and last night. and i know that everything i’m saying is probably not true.

neo 2 gets up and starts picking up the rocks. hands them out to audience members.

but when i was in the car and you said you weren’t okay, i had a feeling in my gut that you were going to break up with me. and i tried to convince myself that i was overreacting.

neo 2 helps neo 1 up. neo 2 kisses neo 1.

neo 1: i think you’re worth it

neo 2: i can’t