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I watched you beat down one of the strongest people I know for the past two years. I watched you drunkenly interfere with her professional life, talk down to her, put your creative endeavors ahead of hers at every opportunity, and make her feel as if the problems in her life were not as important as yours — including the many cases of grief and loss that she experienced in the past year. Glad to see that this has not subsided, still.

It’s good to know that after two weeks (one of which you chose to begin driving home to another state without her as she worked a 12-hour day) that you are an expert on the subjects of depression and grief. It’s good to know that you chose to make this about yourself, versus acknowledging that you are responsible for emotional abuse. Rather than addressing THAT issue and exploring the ways in which you could become a better partner, it is still about you. I am glad that you’re seeking the help that you need, and hopefully it benefits you in your future relationships. You will probably delete this comment because I’ve noticed that you’re not especially keen on accountability.

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