They may be… Time Travelers! The NFT Empowering Collectors and Creators Alike

5 min readApr 7, 2022

The Maybe Time Travelers #NFT appear as inconspicuous, ordinary looking dudes in funny costumes… …but in reality are genius scientists who come from the future carrying knowledge of an impending global catastrophe that has given rise to an authoritarian New World Order.

This New World Order, known simply as The Regime, has printed trillions of dollars in short time, stripping all fiat currencies of their value & instituting a single digital, programmable currency as the only currency of trade authorized by the governing body, The Party.

This currency is under the full control of The Regime and in a dark, hopeless future, its usefulness is based on how “good” of a citizen you are, where “good” is defined by The Party and is entirely comprised of arbitrary, oftentimes impossible to meet behavior-based standards

Citizens are given Citizenship Scores based on social interactions, environmental responsibility, and the most invasive of all, their personal thoughts and beliefs.

A citizen who earns less than satisfactory scores has his or her currency utility limited, and in “extreme cases” (as defined by The Regime) revoked all together.

Earth’s people live with an unforgiving boot on their neck and the watchful eye over their shoulder at all times, ensuring they’re always an upstanding, useful, right-thinking global citizen.

Under the employ of the tyrannical Regime, a group of scientists began to outwardly question the motives of The Party, and as a result, fell out of favor with the Oligarchs and Elites.

As The Party began to perceive The Scientists once valuable usefulness as a budding threat to its stranglehold on power, The Scientists were put on public trial and convicted of Criminal Code 81:C:3…

Foul Speech and Dangerous Thoughts, and were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives laboring in the gulags. But The Regime has made a rare miscalculation in their otherwise routine brutalizing of The People.

The scientists, mustering unbelievable levels of bravery and fortitude, quickly began working in secret to subvert the totalitarian efforts of The Regime.

Between shifts in the blockchain yards, where they serve their sentences laboring away mining currency to fluff the coffers of The Regime, they began formulating a seditious secret plot to build a time machine…

…and send themselves back decades to an age when men were free, and opportunity to save humanity was taking its last dying breaths

The mission? Three fold…

First, warn the free world of looming global disaster and the dystopian, iron-fisted rule that will soon fill the power vacuum the catastrophe created. Tell them the horrors of feeding your family with a currency based on your inner-most thoughts and subconscious behaviors.

Second, accumulate as much crypto currency as possible before the Oligarchs destroy it, preserving the empowerment of sovereign peoples of the world to control their own destiny.

And third, teach the masses of the early 2020’s to build their own wealth before The Regime takes power and destroys all avenues of financial freedom for the common man.

With the fate of the world resting in their hands, under a high-stakes cloud of absolute secrecy within the walls of the gulags, the Scientists manage to scrap together enough materials and use their vast, diverse scientific expertise to build an operable time machine.

They set the clock for 2022, crank the levers, smash the blinking buttons, say goodbye to their loved ones, and depart for yesteryear with the noble mission weighing heavily within their hearts and souls…

Save the world from the hellscape it’s soon to become or live with the regret of failing to protect humanity from eternal serfdom.

They wander the streets among us now, They seek out all traces of unclaimed cryptocurrencies. They are creating wealth building tools and platforms to share with those who hope to preserve their way of life and keep free people… free.

They do it in secret, in the shadows, so as not to be discovered by The Party’s spies who are rumored to be roaming these very same streets…

They dawn innumerable disguises to fortify the integrity of their mission… Some look at them and say, “These men are false prophets!” But the wiser give pause, and plea with their peers… “Wait!” they say… “They may be…. time travelers!”

Minting or holding a Maybe Time Traveler NFT will grant you access to our forthcoming subscription based NFT Collector and Creator tools, for the lifetime of your holding. Among these are:

  • NFT Data Analysis Platform: Follow hot projects and make investment decisions based on the hard numbers. Buy-Signals, portfolio tracking, drop calendars and more.
  • NFT Collection Generator: Create large collections with rarity and metadata by uploading artwork and trait data. No coding knowledge required.
  • Smart contract deployment tools: Bring your NFT’s to life and create your smart contract with no coding proficiency necessary

Being a holder also gives you a voice in the development of these tools and platforms. Our community will drive the direction and features of the platforms, giving you all the power to help create an incredible resource to build rich portfolios.

Additionally, you’ll be given exclusive whitelist opportunities with other artists and upcoming collections who choose to partner with our platforms.

Value. Everywhere.

Maybe Time Travelers is removing all barriers to NFT and Crypto wealth generation… whether you’re a creator or a collector… Secure your spot with us on this journey…

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The Maybe Time Travelers NFT combines unique artwork and wealth building utility. Our holders gain access to state of the art NFT Creator and Collector tools.