Breaking the cycle-

stop dealing with shit happening and start feeling good about it

Personal theory

Time after time I have tried to see my own view on the metaphor of seeing a glass half full or empty and the judgement of being a pessimist or optimist that follows. After putting myself into my own overrated situations I’ve come to the conclusion that i would prefer to see the glass half empty. Although I have considered myself to be more of an optimist, this made me believe that I was more of a pessimist. When anything comes my way i frequently tend to make myself love the situation that is occurring. Ive learned to force and teach myself to refrain a problem into an open door that could lead to absolutely anything. This started to intrigue me the most whenever i had realized that life is not controllable so why the hell am i not enjoying all of the interesting unexplained events that occur? If people could see that every moment actually has the same meaning as any other moment occurring, their emotions can be better controlled. If good or bad happens, you can still be just as happy as you were at any other time just by actually considering how you want to pursue your reaction towards a situation. By seeing the bad times in the same way as you would see the good times, you avoid over-analyzation, disappointment, and set expectations. Ive personally realized that after anything bad as happened in my life i was always told “everything’s gonna be okay” when in reality nothing ever actually transformed to be that way because bad things don’t just stop happening. In reality the only thing thats actually going to be okay is yourself. You find ways to deal and cope with the bad things, you get better not the future situations. People have set the expectation for me in my head to believe that things have to go right to be okay. This has made me want to strive to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. I used to hate change but how couldn’t i realize that nothing has ever even been the same? I hated losing people but how couldn’t i see that if people matter enough they will stay in my life? I hated not knowing where home was but how couldnt i see that home is my own flesh and bones? I hated not knowing until not knowing became my favorite thing. Loving what you hate can become a mind opening adventure.This is why you shouldn’t feel the strong audacity to get your hopes up. This is why you should consider to see the glass half empty so when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated.

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