If you are trying to give material to those that claim that climate change activists are more scare…
Austin Glass

Hello Austin,

Thank you for your time and your comments!

After reviewing your statement, I went through and edited some language in the article to hopefully make it seem less inflammatory as this was not my intention.

I would like to point out that the issues I list are not based in the future, but in the past. Each of the linked studies and articles show instances of what has already happened as a result of climate change, not guesswork about the future. I agree that guessing helps no one, which is why I took care in my sources.

Also, while it is true that human beings are wonderfully capable of adaptation, as the article points out, some people/groups/countries are more capable of responding meaningfully to climate change than others. Preventative actions taken by more capable groups do not necessarily protect the health of the people who are most impacted by climate change. This is why we have seen the increase of environmental refugees from developing countries to developed, proof that some areas are more capable of adaptation than others.

Finally, it is still better to act on climate change than to cross our fingers and hope for the best. I think this video (despite its title) reflects this idea very clearly https://youtu.be/zORv8wwiadQ.

Again, thank you for your comment and I hope the revisions of the article are satisfying.


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