Musings On Possession And Equality

May Alba
May Alba
Aug 22, 2014 · 2 min read

The world’s most profound division is between those who have power and those who don’t.

Within some countries arguably this cannot be fixed; the power division is appalling. Having power is often not only the difference between a high school diploma and a graduate degree, but also between never leaving the land you were born in and a passport with a stamped visa.

Purchasing power and capital power translate into something sinister when you don’t have them. In many cases it can mean the difference between life and death.

Those with power can enjoy a pool, and those without it have to walk up to a river or pray for rain. And someone with power might afford to drive a Bentley, while someone without it barely can afford public transportation. A person with power pays for Botox or chooses the color of their kid’s eyes, while one without it cannot tamper with the effects of aging or genetic information.

Being powerful or powerless can validly be the difference between the things you acquire, but it shouldn’t be a difference when it comes to being healthy and receiving proper care before, during and after birth.

Both the powerful and the powerless should be able to live freely from fear of not waking up the next morning, or whether they’ll have a meal at their table tonight.

Both should be able to decide how many children to have.

Both deserve respect regardless of what God they praise.

Both should have equal and unimpeded access to clean water.

Both deserve the same legal, political and educational standing.

This is my challenge to you with the Internet connection, you with the diet of your choosing, you with more pairs of shoes than days in a month, you who are able to read this:

Think of the freedom and the happiness you enjoy. Think of those things you love doing. Think of the power you have.

And now think about how to pay it forward. Think about how you can make others healthy. And free. And happy. And whole.

It’s up to us, those with the power, to ensure that the basic Human Rights start becoming today a reality for those whom until yesterday did not have them.

    May Alba

    Written by

    May Alba

    @maycupcake / rubberit| Vital Voices| Fortune MPW| US State Department | Cherie Blair Foundation | 500Strong | Libertine100 | Spark Initiative | Global Shapers

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