The “Abou Rakhoussa marquet” helping the #youstink campaign

Lebanese protesting in their own way

Innovative as ever, Lebanese found a new to protest in se7it Riyad el Soloh. In order to be heard and to be taken seriously for what they are demanding of, Lebanese decided to open a market in the centre and the most prestigious place in Beyrouth.

Books being sold for cheap prices in Riyad el Soloh
Women selling the traditional “ka3ke”
A protester holding a banner, criticizing the response of Nicolas Chammas

The “ Abou Rakhoussa market”, that started yesterday, is a reaction to what Nicolas Chammas said in a conference because of the #youstink campaign and all the protests occurring in Down Town. It included everything from quasi free clothes to cheap books, food etc…

Lebanese dancing and singing to songs that describes their situation

This form of protest is getting everyone’s attention. This is helping the #youstink campain because it is unifying the Lebanese even more and making everyone participate in their own way.

The obstacles I may face in oder to get these images are not that numerous. But some of them may be not being able to get to new and exclusive videos or images since this event is open to the public. And since everyone is talking and reporting about all these campaigns, time is a key element. I should prepare my story and be ready before all the means of social media start reporting about it. In addition, I should be up to date every time they decide to open this market and know all the details regarding it.