My husband thought he’d bought the Skoda he wanted. Yet I was the real winner.

Finally the day came when I said enough was enough for my old, yet faithful Mazda, had seen its last days. It had belched its final puff of exhaust and spluttered its last splutter so the hunt was on, yet again, for a new car.

Like most car hunters, we had been checking out what other people have been driving for months. Mazdas, Hyundais, Fords, Audis, and Suzukis just about every brand we could think of. Texts and photos had been flying back and forth with innocuous comments like, “This one looks good,” or, “Isn’t it too big.” To bold comments from him like, “Get real, that’s way over our budget”. To my, “We are not getting that one, its bum’s too fat,” or “Remember this car is for me to drive, not for you,” and “We cannot fit the dogs in the back of that thing.” My daughter’s comments were always about the color, “Mom, we’ve got to get purple?” At which my son groans, “Ugh! Not yicky purple. Silver.”

There was almost too much to consider. Do we buy second hand or new? Do we use a dealer (private or public) or do we buy from a private seller? What finance options do we have or should we just dip into our ever-dwindling savings yet again? I wanted a car that I could fall in love with, something that spoke to me; not my husband or the kids. Me.

It went on and on for months until crunch day and then we had to get a new car. So, we bundled the kids into the old one and make the slow, painful crawl around the car lots.

Test-drive after test-drive, the cars started to get confused in our minds. The Fords too big, the Hyundai is too small. The Mazdas back is too tight to fit in two large dogs. I had just about had enough, I was all car-shopped out and so were the kids.

Turning the corner to the last dealership in a 50km radius we screeched to a stop outside the Skoda dealership. “What’s a Skoda?” I asked. “Who makes them?” “Volkswagen,” said he with a grin on his face. He loved them, the endless trips around the car yards, yet all I wanted to do was scream.

He bolted from the car and made his way directly to this boxy vehicle in the front of the yard. The kids and I groaned and oozed our way out to casually stretch our legs while my husband almost bounced around the car yard in excitement.

We’ve all seen the look; you know the one, the one that means love at first sight. Well the car dealer had barely introduced himself before he had a sale. The car was not what I was looking for, well not quite. I definitely wasn’t in love with it, but, it had many of the features that made life a bit more comfortable; great seats, reverse camera, air conditioning in the back and great space for the dogs/groceries.

While the kids and I were checking out all the creature comforts, my husband was talking mileage, fuel consumption, safety features and other bells and whistles that I suppose are important.

I hadn’t even seen one on the road yet even taken a photo of it to text to him for comments, but I was tired.

I gave in. It’s just a car, right?

No, it was a Skoda Yeti 2016, nicknamed immediately by my daughter as ‘Smoosh’. Don’t ask me why. As it was going to be my main drive I had to approve it, and I did so, very quickly. I figured that, even if I discovered that I hated it, I would only have it for five years, not long at all, so I gave in somewhat willingly.

It was ours, and what a car it is. For a medium priced and sized car it drives like a dream. Just some wonderful things that I have noticed that make life easier for me are hill-start assist, a great reverse camera, you can see the back and the front of the car so it is easy to park and there are no blind spots. For the kids, the middle seat folds down so there are cup holders and armrests and when we are parked, the kids can climb through it like a jungle gym (don’t tell my husband that).

I would never have picked it out from a line up of cars for the one that I wanted to buy, but I’m glad I did.

Now everything is set up the way I like it, Bluetooth is set to my phone, the Sat Nav is easy to use, the seats and mirrors are adjusted just for me and death to anyone who changes even a degree on the rear vision mirror.

What turned out to be the love of my husband’s life ended up being mine.

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