Getting started with Base UI Framework

Start your design projects in the right way — this is the idea behind Base UI. Get things done faster. And better.

What is it?

Base UI is a Sketch-based design system consisting of nesting symbols and styles. It’s a massive kit that contains more than 180 screens and has powerful customization capabilities.

Global Colors

Pick your own colors — it’s fairly easy. You can use gradients, flat colors or even images.

To change any color, just choose a layer within the Symbol and specify its color. Changes will apply to all the symbols containing this color.

Text Styles

In a large project creating text styles could take forever. Base UI allows you to use any custom typeface you want for each individual project.

Every font layer has a Text Style. For control, fonts are found on the Typography page. To change a font or its color, select the layer, change parameters and replace the parameters of Shared Styles.

Easy content creation

Base UI is super awesome when used with Craft by Invision. Accelerate your workflow by placing data with a single click. Use solid content and stop wasting time with lorem ipsum.

Section styles

Choose background and use built-in separators. Keep it consistent!

Resizable elements

We made each Symbol adaptable so you can resize them as you like.

Quickstart templates

Grab any of these to jumpstart your project or test MVP.


Will updates also be free?

Sure, you’ll get every update for free.

Discounts for students?

We offer a 50% discount on all our products for all students and teachers. Just provide some proof.

Any refunds?

Yes, you have 5 days to get refunded if something went wrong. But this applies only to purchase through Gumroad.