Do something fun

My family and I went to the Harvest Festival in Arbor Lakes. The Harvest Festival has many activities including the Harvest Market, Hayrides, Music, and Games. Aside from that, we went out to eat at Chipotle and got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Our family is very busy with different sports and activities, so we decided to do something fun as a family when I got this assignment. With this year being the first year that the Harvest Festival was put on, it was a great experience, especially doing it with my entire family.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

I did the beginning of my mind map on paper just to get the basic layout of what I wanted. I then transferred those ideas to the web application on Chrome. After everything was transferred to the web application, I just stuck with it to keep everything flowing on one application. It was also easier for me to do the mind mapping process independently with using the web application.

Suggested Themes

  • Muscular Dystrophy. The rarity of people surviving when diagnosed with one of many types of Muscular Dystrophy is fortunately becoming less and less. Although many things are around for people with these types of disabilities, there are so many aspects of life that don’t have things to make everything accommodating.
  • Sport injury surgery. With sports becoming more and more physical, and with science developing as fast as it is, sport surgery is becoming more and more relevant and important. Everything from a severely broken hand to a spinal cord injury, there are many things that go into sport injury surgery.
  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse. Unfortunately, mental health is is a part of society that is viewed as a negative. With that, unfortunately comes substance abuse and it would be interesting to look into more to try and help.

10 Silly Ideas

Bluetooth Elevator transmitter
Counting Jump Rope
Yelling Credit Card
Hand Sanitizing Pencil
Nerf Gun Vacuum
Cooling and Heating Eating Utensil
Vibrating Shoes for a Foot Massage
One Surgical Tool with All Tools Needed Inside
Self-Activated Dog Door
Phone Cleaner and Charger
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