My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

Throw the snowball

Each person needs a sheet of paper (notebook size works) and a pencil or pen. Everyone starts by writing an idea, subject, or problem at the top of the page. Then each person folds the paper into a snowball.
1. The leader says “Go” and everyone throws his/her snowball. 
2. The leader says “Stop”. Each person picks up another’s snowball, unfolds it, reads it, and writes the first thought that comes to mind.
3. Everyone refolds the snowball and the leaders signals the “Go” and :Stop” process.
4. This process is repeated several times.

Session Organization

I observed someone that had Muscular Dystrophy for the last assignment. I interviewed his nurse and him at the same time, and I wanted to do the brainstorming activity with the same guy that has MD. Due to his busy schedule, he was unable to do the activity. However, his nurse volunteered to do assist with the project. She brought one of her colleagues with to give another care taker perspective. I then got my mom to help with the activity. Finally, I got my brother involved in the brainstorm.

We did this activity in my kitchen. We had a big, round table that we sat around and stuck the ideas on the wall behind the table. We kept a relatively low volume throughout the session.

The warm-up games we used were the new one I created “Throw the snowball”, and we also did “Zip, Zap, Zop.” These games helped with the generation of ideas.

The length of time of idea generation was 40 minutes. The ideas started slowing down around the 30 minute mark.

The total number of ideas generated was 70 ideas.

The IPM for the session is 1.75 ipm for the group.

Sorting and Voting

After organizing the ideas into their separate categories, I had the group vote on their top five favorite ideas. The categories I separated the ideas into were… Out in The World, Technology Based Assists, ADL/Self Care Assists, and Wheelchair Accessories.

Left to Right. Out in The World, Technology Based Assists, ADL/Self Care Assists
Wheelchair Accessories

Top Ideas

Self Roller
Bluetooth transmitter for appliances
Headlight camera for wheelchairs
Elevating boat dock
Flotation device wheelchair
Zip close gloves
Seat warmer for wheelchair
Mouthguard toothbrush