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Aaaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaaaaaah, You have no idea how much your post make me happy Hope ! I’ve been waiting for it for more than a week. What took you so long ?

You know what Hope, I like you ! No Seriously, you totally disagree with my values and my beliefs, still you took some time to answer me(although I would have preferred a response in french, … ). I still have “hope” that someday you will study this wonderful language, and we can spend some time discussing how beautiful it is, and I am pretty sure that as a San Francisco State University student in ergonomy you do like beauty (Yeah I did my homework, but you know I really missed you !)

Back to business Honey !

Citing your last sentence : “Will they keep you ?”, here is a tweet from your tweeter account :

“Unbelievable its like a scene from an African crazy country-we can’t tolerate this-we have to send them to Liberia”

Uhm ! but you just said “I never said I wanted to deport people.” Or maybe deportation bears a different meaning for San Francisco State University Student ? What do you think ? and then, there is this retweet from your funny friend totenkopf : “Execute all leftists and minorities.” Whaaaaooooo totally cute, although I have to admit, I do prefer this one “Democracy, Muslims, Niggers, Jews, Faggots. #WhatIHateIn5Words” also coming from your buddy. You know what honey (I “hope”, you don’t mind if I call you honey right ?) I think you’ve been hacked !!! Oooooh maybe I did it because I wanted to “destroy” you and your culture ! or maybe not…

Now let’s be serious for a moment, do you have an idea of how many latin-american worked on the several Trump construction site all along the last 20 years ? and do you know why ? because it’s cheaper ! You think your wanna be next president don’t know that ? You think he’s gonna lower its margin and give you or you “nice” friend a job ? Come on give me a break “Hope” you seem smarter than that ! Unless… maybe you and your friends are all just “campaining”… Just a guess you know but given the fact that all of your account didn’t exist before 2016…

Ohhh and one more thing,… honey : How many “Yt” (see I am starting to “appropriate” your wording) with a SAT of more than 2300 (1400 as of 2016) complain about minorities being “given” extra points to their SAT ?

Care to know why ? Well, maybe you should… ’cause maybe that’s where the problem really is.



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