What We Worry About When We’re No Longer Broke
Nicole Dieker

I’m going to be moving at the end of this month to a new city, and I got a job offer to work 1–2 days a week in the hospital. For a few weeks, I daydreamed about living off of less again.. maybe getting a part-time job at the brewery down the street and spending more time on my quilts and digital design, things I love doing that could potentially bring in a little money.

But then the anxiety of not having as much income as I have now started to creep in. And the anxiety of not having benefits (or if I made enough to qualify for a subsidy in my southern state, not having as good of benefits). How would I save money? Would my IRA and 401K dwindle over time? Would I have to dip into my emergency fund when an emergency happens?? It was too much, and I ended up taking a second job that is 4 days a week.

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