Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

Tonight I have my first soccer game of the season! Then we get free beers afterwards. I expect to maybe spend $10 on additional drinks or bar cheese. Saturday I have coffee plans with my soon-to-be roommate whom I have not met yet $5. This is the second of such dates (I met the other girl I’ll be living with earlier this week) and I have to say that they’re pretty awkward. Maybe it’s just because I have never online dated or I’d have a higher threshold for awkwardness. Saturday is also a concert, but I already bought my $42 ticket (The ticket was $27; the rest was fees grrrrr). I expect to spend some money on beers but not too much $20. I will probably also eat a brunch at some point and buy some groceries $50. I would love to spend less than $100 this weekend.

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