New Procedures Replace the Need for Plastic Surgery

Surgical face lifts, liposuction, and other risky procedures used to be the only way to achieve desired results for people who wanted to look younger, eradicate imperfections, or alter facial structure. While surgery remains a comprehensive way to address many areas at the same time, the risks, recovery time, and expenses are extreme. The majority of the population does not have that kind of time or resources.

Alternatives for Desired Results

Technological advances have contributed new procedures to improve treatment options for medical dermatology needs, and accommodate a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. Injectable solutions and gels have been used in both cosmetic and medical dermatology services for a few decades now. Improved versions are available to make results appear natural, last longer, cost less, and provide permanent results in some cases.


Ultrasound therapy, laser technology, light therapy, and a gel that breaks down fat cells under the chin can provide permanent results for tightening skin, removing acne scars, and remove tattoos. Kybella, for example, is an injectable gel that destroys fat cells. The cells break down and are eliminated via the natural processes of the immune system. Once destroyed fat cells will not be duplicated by the body.

A revolutionary picosure laser utilizes less heat than traditional lasers and has the capacity to permanently remove even dark tattoo ink without burning any surrounding tissue. Rapidly delivered energy cause ink and pigments to vibrate and shatter. Treatments are ten minutes in duration and tattoo removal takes between four to ten treatments for complete and permanent results.

Ultherapy, also referred to as a non-surgical face lift, stimulates collagen growth with ultrasound technology. The gradual results are due to increased collagen that firms up the skin. It is approved for the face, neck, and upper chest area to reduce wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance.

Where to Experience New Procedures

Most new treatments are available by prescription only. That requires a visit to a dermatologist. A consultation is needed to determine if procedures are appropriate and safe for each individual. Determination factors include medical conditions, medications taken, family history, allergies, and any previous cosmetic procedures. An honest and in-depth discussion will help both the dermatologist and the patient create a personalized treatment plan to achieve desired outcomes.

Modern procedures require little to no recovery time, carry minimal risks, and are much more affordable than surgery. Explore possibilities, learn about monthly special offers, and request an appointment at Medical, laser, cosmetic, and general services are offered, as well as high-quality skin care products.