Hi Nicholas,
Rob Hanna

Hi Rob

Thanks for your comment and sorry for the time taken to reply, I have not been on medium for a bit.

I don’t think I understand your comment; how measurable is a mind?

Maybe this is helpful: neural plasticity has a long history in psychology and medical practice. I first came across it as a student helping my wife revise physical neural facilitation techniques in the 1980's during her physiotherapy training, although all of us experience it throughout life.

I follow the evolutionary theories of mind with great interest, and in particular ideas around multiple and distributed capacities for the same thing. I appreciate some neural capacities are specifically located, but many aren’t.

I think the concept (did you mean concept or conceit?) of a neurome, obviously borrowed from concepts like a genome or a biome, captures the idea of a combination of living systems collaborating and competing within a stream of interactions with the world out there very well, and I am using it to suggest something living that needs care.

It fits with my philosophy and practice and not everything that exists and is useful can be either measured or proven, as I am sure you know.

I have a new article shortly which talks about practical suggestions related to this and hope you find it of interest. If not, I won’t be offended!

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