A new technology in artificial intelligence

Meet again in my post, now I will introduce a new technology in artificial intelligence that will take us to the area that few can dream of HUT34.

Currently there are many different applications that can be accessed by the internet, whether it’s social media, applications for companies, business, games and others. The next few years are expected to increase the growth of the global population, the adoption of digital lifestyles in bulk.

Hut34 is an ICO project that seeks to realize an open computing ethos and through the use of distributed ledger technology. Hut34 aims to be a channel connecting Silo’s decentralization in the world of data, information and knowledge through a network of nodes or “huts”. The network will be open to everyone who wants to join Hunt34, and economic incentives will push the entire global knowledge base to a new level.

Network HUT34 has several benefits for some actors

Benefits for Domain Experts and Academics

Connecting to the HUT34 network allows people with expertise in their field or those with special knowledge to distribute their knowledge to a potentially broader audience. Simultaneously, the entire HUT34 network will provide the means and give them a reward for something they are trying to achieve.

Benefits for Bots and Service Builders

Developers have actually had years of experience, but basically they still have limitations on team resources and reach aspects. A user can create a service that is useful to the user in a specific way, but it can not exceed the expectations of the user.

The HUT34 Network can empower these developers to gain access to global information and user networks. By connecting to a network, developers can turn their projects, processes, ideas or knowledge into a company that has global distribution coverage.

Benefits For End Users

The HUT34 Network is designed to make it easier for consumers to capture information and provide the desired service with the most convenient and friendly way. The user will talk to the service, connect with HUT34, have near instant access to the global knowledge base of HUT34 via the chosen interaction point. Each network-connected service becomes a strongly distributed AI, differing only in the router’s pre-defined routing and ranking preferences

Benefits For Industry

By connecting all users worldwide, HUT34 network provides direct access to some consumers who can be easily targeted based on demographics, location, language and indigenous interests. Businesses connected to the HUT34 network also have access to a global expertise base for several purposes.

I will be discussing AI (Artificial Intelligence), a new technology in artificial intelligence that will take us to an area that few can ever dream of. AI will inform, not only in many industries and users will start conversations with hyperersonalized scale using AI agents. Blockchain and token technologies provide breakthroughs in designing decentralized networks and systems, serving and strengthening the democratization of knowledge growth, and access to digital resources in the world.

The AI market is expected to grow from $ 8 billion in 2016 to more than $ 47 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things (IOT) has an unprecedented global economic impact. Measurements and data collection have grown at an exponential rate. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon use their data to focus both control and economic knowledge for financial gain.


The HUT34 Network aims to be a channel connecting data silos, information and knowledge decentralized through a network of nodes or “Hut”. The HUT34 Network is designed to provide utilities to end users, domain experts, bot builders and services, and IOT data providers, while also providing a sourcing source for businesses and marketers.



This feature will guide the user to customize the question as per the user’s requirement.


This feature will allow us to get quick access to existing features and connected services like Facebook, Skype and more on the Hut34 platform.


Use your Hut, our managed services or one more third-party service to rank the answers back from the network to resolve questions.


This feature is used to give users access to the data, information, and knowledge we have to apply existing skills to one Hut34 platform.

Token Distribution — 100,000,000 ENT will be distributed as follows

  1. Maximum 50% of total, for Token Sale event participants The point is, token sales when reaching the target before closing, then the remaining ENT tokens will be moved to 2 things below.
  2. At least 30% will be withheld Entropy Foundation to:

Platform Partnership, developer incentive program

The Entropy Token Management Initiative

Corporate expansion and future development

Related to the sale of credit

20% Will be allocated to the Entropy Foundation team and advisers.

More info go to link below:

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/b4h7ygu

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