A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots
R. David Dixon Jr.

in 2007 i wrote a tiny utopian novel where a future everyone-autonomous society is dreamt into existance … 3d printers on board of anti-gravity overunity tech powered airships producing all the goods and spare parts, bioreactors, aeroponics and funghi grow chambers providing food grown in one s own living space … it all made possible by the generousity of the wealthy individuals and corporations who found the time ripe to give something back to their former consumer base …https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-andreas-buechel-as-mayloveheal-ascende-maima-perma-and-mary-the-lifeship-1/

in 2014 i had the chance to write to more textlines somehow continuing the theme of a future where the individual is being equipped with tools to create a most autonomous and sovereign lifestyle …the focus this time on the counciously guided and wishfully motivated enhancing the human body with animal and plant abilities, somehow an alternative to the machine implanting scenario ..



all three novels are packed into one file at


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