The Easiest Way to Become a Better Writer
Zak Slayback

Dear Zak, I have a passion for writing. Then , one friend of mine asked me from where do you get the topic, I replied, ‘The topic is everywhere”,

When do you write, “ Anytime, anywhere , if a paper and a pen is there”

Who reads your writing? “I read my writing”

If no one reads your writing what will you do.’ I will still write”

Who do the editing for you? I myself did.

How many times?


Do you fear that your writing will not be selected?

No, I fear only that mine is selected.


I wrote funny things .

If selected how do you feel?


What does Cloud Nine means?

Oh, you count one , two three — — then, NINE CLOUDS !

Writing is this much SIMPLE.


May May Nu

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