The Droplet

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as a Generative Modular Synthesis

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For our final project concept, we drew inspiration from music festivals such as the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas and virtual concerts such as the Fornite’s Marshmello concert. The latter is a unique collaboration between a game developed by Epic Games (Fornite) and Marshmello who is an American electronic music producer and DJ. We chose these particular inspirations due to the high level of interaction between the audience and music. During the Fortnite live concert, players of the first-person shooter (FPS) game could attend the event live from the comfort of their own homes and players could jump on the virtual blocks and buildings. There were moments during the concert when players were lifted into the sky during shifts of the music, for example, during the Kick’s Peak phase (Statt, 2019; Filimowicz, 2021). Both of these examples are forms of using EDM as a narrative tool, and we aimed to emulate the level of interactivity within our final project.

As “rhythm is the essence and main principle of organization in EDM”, our group used kickdrum synthesis to create a “Bass sandwich”, which is a three-layered kick sound. In our case, we used more than three (Filoseta, 2020; Filimowicz, 2022). We also used technical concepts such as reverb to indicate a type of space, saw waves, and low frequency oscillators (LFO) to cut-off noise and control the shape of the sound. Click on the player above, to hear our final product.

Video describing the process




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