This is how Dialog Axiata is Trolling me — UPDATE : Issue was resolved by Dialog

Dialog Axiata is the leading mobile telecommunication provider in Sri Lanka (unfortunately??) but their customer service is the worst in the industry with incompetent support agents.

Curious case of Data Connection

I used to have a data connection with Dialog back in 2012 when I didn’t have had SLT broadband at home. After getting the SLT connection I decided to ditch my Dialog data connection.

So I went to the Darley road branch and settled all the due and disconnected the connection. They even gave me papers confirming it (sadly I don’t have this document proof now. I’ve misplaced it somewhere).

Above image is a proof that I paid 585 LKR to settle the balance.

Later I found that Dialog is keep sending me ebills for the specific connection I disconnected with some balance around 1900 LKR. So raised the issue with the call center people (they remind me of some primates but I reserve my remarks to myself.). Lodged a complaint and waited and waited nothing happened.

years rolled…. nothing happened except for few calls I made to the call center.

Issue resurfaced in 2015

One day during 2015 I got curious on what really happened on this issue and went to one of their branches. The guy behind the table gave me pora talks and asked me to write a complaint letter. So I did write a complaint letter complaining about the issue and gave it to him. Dialog once again never got back to me and they must have rested the case as they have much more bigger important issues to look after.

Last Confrontation

Today (Dec 23rd 2015) I visited the Liberty Plaza branch and asked the guy what’s really going on behind the billing scam. Yeap I like to call it scam because they are billing for a connection that is officially disconnected.

Below is what the guy told me. He apparently much better guy than his fellow call center / support guys.

Probably the agent who catered me when disconnecting the connection back in 2012 may have given me the wrong figures about the balance payment. That’s why there is a balance of 1900 LKR to be paid.

Still I don’t give a damn as these buggers wasted my time, energy and money last 3 years. If it’s a mistake done by an agent or their system they should take responsibility for it. But they still want me to pay the balance.

Just because we are just an ordinary people doesn’t mean big corporates should bully and troll us big time with things like this. Every time I initiated an inquiry into the billing it went to the dustbin.

Funny Billing System

When I confronted the support agent today I showed him that my Dialog portal shows the balance as -190.31 LKR but their system shows the balance as 1900 LKR.

Can you believe it? This is a billion rupees worth of company’s billing system, which shows one amount to customer and one amount to the support agent. This is the biggest atrocity I’ve ever faced.

Escalation — ONCE AGAIN

As per Dialog’s this page, I’ve escalated this issue to the 2nd level. If I don’t get a reply from the manager within december (apparently the manager is on vacation, I got auto reply -_-), I’ll raise a formal complain with TRC.

I can’t take this into 2016!

Issue Resolved : Update as of 28th December

The escalation mail I sent did work and there was a follow up on the same day itself from a Dialog employee. As they promised they investigated the issue and rectified it. The total sum was waived off and I was told there won’t be an issue anymore.

Time for celebration.
I really appreciate the high level of professionalism shown by the Dialog employees on this regard and resolving the issue promptly. I’m glad that I don’t have to carry this burden once more into 2016. Yay!
J Mayooresan — december 28 2015
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