Prop 400 is an investment in our future!

I am so pleased to have this effort moving forward! Proposition 400 is a responsible solution that will help keep response times low for police and fire, bring more police officers in the community to prevent crime and preserve our open spaces for public recreation.

The citizens committee did a great job putting the proposal together. The council worked hard to make it even more fiscally responsible by reducing projects and cutting the cost. We have been and will continue to be committed to keeping our community beautiful, safe and inviting.

In order to do so we must invest in adequate public safety, great parks, quality open space and hiking trails in order to help improve Peoria’s quality of life and increase our property values. This proposition will help ensure that Peoria is a premier destination for people to live, work and recreate.

We now have an opportunity to act on a plan to make our community even greater for future generations. I urge all Peoria residents to join me in voting YES for Prop 400 so we can continue to invest in our growing community!


Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat