Do you look at all three credit scores or one?

Fo instance do you use the highest of all credit scores

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Legitimate payday loans?

What to say on a tbh when typing it for the guy you want back(the ex )?
So me and this guy have been talking for like 8 months and never asked me out. I told him that I would like him to because he would treat me like his gf…

Where can I get a REAL credit score that’s not a scam?

I ran my credit score on free credit and it gave me a 421, which I know is true. However, all of these bad marks came before I was even 18 from my parents. I’ve gotten them taken off of my Experian credit report, but as I’m told you have THREE credit scores, so maybe I have to get that stuff taken off of all three of them. Now, I’ve done a little research and the general consensus is that and seem to both be…

Credit Score following A Hard Inquiry with Credit Increase?

First, I apologize for the length of this post. I’m re-posting this b/c the answers I got were rather suspect. Two of the answers I got were: 1. Your available credit limit doesn’t do anything to improve your score. 2. your is NOT going to increase quickly by getting more credit or higher credit limits However, I found these on 2 separate credit reports which contradict the above earlier answers: ======================================… Your report shows the average credit limit amount across open

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What is the fastest and best way to build credit?

I am young and living at home with dad, I don’t have any bills or anything to really pay for but the community college in which I am currently enrolled in.

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What happens if you file for bankruptcy but then find a job before it is discharged?

My credit score is 540 and I’m trying to raise my score. What’s the best way?
Should I get a…

I am starting the process of buying a home…?

and am a little intimidated by the entire process of dealing with a real estate agent and blah blah blah. Just looking for a little info regarding the following; I have very little debt (under $3k), my credit score is reasonably ok (above 700). I was a previous homeowner more than 10 years ago and due to the situation at the time, had to short-sell it (single guy; bought home with girlfriend at time). Now I am married. Can we use my wife as a first time buyer (no income/homemaker) and…

How long to build a good credit score?

i’ve had my first credit card for less than a year but have been consisent with payments. Is it too early to have a good score?

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What shows up on your credit report when you report your credit card lost/stolen?
For example, if the credit card company changes your account number and moves everything to a new account, does your credit report now say that the old…

Iv been building up my credit, but i wanna know how exactly is starts off?

Does it start off with 1.. then 2…. and so on and so on…?

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Need help getting auto loan?
My son is turning 16 in about a week and I have to get him a car. The car that he is ok with is $21,000, which is already a lot less than he wants so it can’t go any lower. I am…

We have a credit score of 647. How can this hurt us and how can we raise it?

My husband is 31 and I’m 29. We have NO credit cards. We paid them off about 4–5 years ago. Our only loans are one car and our mortgage. we did have a medical bill go unpaid for a while, however it was not being sent to us at first then it was a mess up with the insurance company. It was eventually fixed. We were wondering if this kind of rate could hurt us when we get ready to purchase a…

I don’t have good credit do anyone no somebody that can help me easily get into a apartment in southfield mich?

i have decent income just need a little more help to get approved

Answer : I might suggest that you visit this web site where one can get from the best companies: .

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Is 630 a really terrible credit score? Any options for a home loan or auto loan?

What is the best back to get a car/auto loan?

What is worse for your credit score?
I do not own a…

Someone stole my Debit Card information! HELP!?

I went to the mall today and spent 100 with my debit card in 3 different stores. I check my bank account online daily to verify the transactions and make sure I stay on budget. Tonight when I did that I almost dropped dead when I saw 3 pending charges in my account for a total of $1000!!!! I have the receipts of the small purchases I made and of course I did not authorized those purchases…they were actually made in a store at a different mall…a store where I have never bought…


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