My Andela Story : Week one.

From home-study, to interviews, to bootcamp, and finally getting in to the fellowship. The journey has been one full of expectations and belief. On getting a call welcoming me to the andela fellowship, I knew my journey to becoming a world class developer just began.

My week one in andela has been great so far and is full of expectations. This week has shown me how andela works. The acronym YOYO(You Own Your Own) has been in play since day one. With no one looking over your head and instructing you to complete a task, and you having access to the andela community only for you to use as you please. Also, collaboration is a key takeaway for me this week as I’ve come to realize no man on his own can be an island.

I plan on completing my checkpoint as soon as possible whilst utilizing tools such as the community, internet, feedback from peers, and majorly collaborating with other fellows all which andela has placed at my disposal.