I have been very enthusiastic and eager since I applied for the Fellowship. I could envisage already from the initial stage that it was going to be very tough and challenging, and indeed it has been, considering that I had no prior experience in software development since graduation from school. I knew no one was going to be spoon fed and that Andela expects anyone passionate about this program to do in-depth studies and to go beyond basics.

Within few days of boot camp, I have learnt so many things I had no idea of how they worked or how to use. So far, I have improved on my use of JavaScript language, GIT, command prompt (terminal as I just learnt) etc.

After in-depth study, terms like API, OOP, and asymptotic analysis, that seems so complex to comprehend are now beginning to look straightforward enough. By now, I have come to the realization that this 2 weeks’ program is aimed to empower applicants to learn to work independently as well as cooperatively in a team.

Been told to continue studying at home and to submit within speculated time-frame, series of assignments, represents another challenge. But just as we have learnt, anyone with a growth mindset will always find a way to overcome any challenge he is faced with. Meeting the deadlines has been so challenging and for now, slack, repl, stack overflow, and ultimately Google are my best friends.

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