Are you a moderator or an abstainer?

It must’ve been the 100th time I was thinking about starting a diet. I had tried nearly them all, and the result was always the same. Failure.

Looking back, I understand that my perception of dieting was wrong. I was viewing as the combo eat health + exercise. And although this is correct; it’s only part of the equation.

When I had an "aha" moment about dieting being a change of habits, it made all the difference.

Instead of looking for weight loss information and exercising routines, I searched for books about habit changing.

I wanted something that helped me…

How to say no and still keep stakeholders’ support

Two women sharing notes at a desk.
Two women sharing notes at a desk.

As a project manager, receiving requests outside the scope is a given. It happens more often than I'd like to admit.

Plans and priorities change, but staying true to objectives and making sure that what’s done adds value is essential to avoiding scope creep and ensuring the project’s success.

Although something may be urgent, not everything is important (hello, Eisenhower!). So how can you say no without letting people down? What’s more, how can you do so while keeping stakeholders’ support?

Bottom line: You have to be thoughtful when saying no. …

Do something social, something physical, and something spiritual.

I was tired of answering the same boring things every Monday morning at work when people asked how my weekend was.

My choices were:

  • “Ya know, short.”
  • “Nothing interesting.”
  • “I can’t even remember.”
  • *Insert another boring thing.*

Weekends felt like a blur. I felt tired, yet, it seemed I hadn’t done anything. Every Sunday evening I would think “where did the weekend go?”.

And I'm not alone, according to research 81 % of workers feel the Sunday night blues — that sadness and anxiety in anticipation of Monday.

It was common for me to spend my weekend doing chores, cleaning…

And why it's a recipe for disappointment

Reflecting on recent global events, it sparked my curiosity how much the myth of meritocracy is harmful and how it's been shaping people’s behaviour negatively.

When we believe that whatever we achieve it’s only due to a combination of hard work and pure talent, we are ignoring the fact that there’s a whole system that unfairly contributes to our successes.

Let me break the news: nothing is guaranteed. Still, people buy into the idea of a meritocracy, giving them a false sense of entitlement.

When we feel entitled to something, this can lead to negative consequences.

Look at how many…

How to spot them working remotely — first impressions matter!

With this new working from home reality, I've noticed lots of people proudly posting their onboarding kits on LinkedIn.

Besides the usual equipment, I've seen employees receiving welcome boxes with branded stuff like t-shirts, notebook and water bottles.

Although a nice touch, would this be enough to make it clear whether a company cares about its employees at all? What's more, would this be a clue if a company walk the talk?

As I recently started on a new job, I’ve read loads of articles about how to make a good first impression on my first week, which led me…

How I got a job during the pandemic

Recently, I had to look for a new job due to the COVID-19 situation. Sadly, my previous role was made redundant. I imagine that a lot of you might be in the same boat.

But I have to say, even though this time around was atypical, it was not as challenging. Note that I said challenging not that it wasn’t a lot of work.

It made me reflect on all the times I had to search for a job and how much I struggled every damn time — impostor syndrome was a familiar companion. …

Sometimes, all you need to do is the next right thing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to build the life you’ve always desired. But there are some initial actions you can take to kick off this journey right now.

Moving away from your comfort zone might seem scary; however, it'll be fulfilling in the long run. See below how you can flip your mindset to conquer your dream life.

1. Think about the future, but focus on what you already have

If you’re someone who thinks about the future and suffers because your dream-life seems far away, you’re probably comparing your life with another’s. If that’s the case, here’s what you can do:

Only compare your life with your past one — that's how…

Listen to Top Writers, they know their stuff

When I started to write on Medium in May 2020, I knew a total of zero things about the platform. But one day, a lightning bolt struck my head, and I had an idea for a story.

To date, I’ve written 16 articles and curators distributed 50% of those. I know, not many stories to start giving advice; however, I’ve gone through more than half of the stages of being a Medium writer.

At first, writing on Medium was like sailing without a compass. Thankfully, almost every writer takes the time to share their story. …

Patriarchy still has its ways to condemn women's choices

In our society, personality traits associated with strength are all related to masculine characteristics. Assertiveness, perseverance, leadership, you name it. In stark contrast, feminine characteristics are associated with weakness.

A quick search on Google about this topic gave me the following results:

#3 Unlearn to say sorry about everything

Emails are in that love-hate category of work tools that can be both used for good as a productive way of communication or evil, as a killer of the same thing.

Whether we like it or not, emails have become an essential part of our interactions but, more often than not, we are just bad at it. The way we sound in an email is crucial to convey confidence; alternatively, it can make us come off as insecure.

The aim of the game is to use email as a tool to strengthen relationships but maintain a professional tone. Understandably, there’s…

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