Biker Rides For March Of Dimes

For almost twenty years, every year in November, between 5 thousand and 10 thousand people gather across the country in order to participate in the humanitarian program and help us raise charity funds for all the mothers and their babies. Our non-profit organization is a host of a non-profit annual event which purpose is to raise funds in order to help improve not only the health of mothers and babies born prematurely, but also with inborn defects, and to prevent the number of stillborn children and the number of prematurely born babies.

That is why every year in November motorcyclists, numerous biker clubs, we, our neighbors and friends gather together all over the country. There is always an incredibly large number of enthusiasts who like motorcycles, as well as families who want to help us raise as many funds as possible. With this event, we do not support only mothers and their babies, and we do not only work on their health. These and our similar events are here to educate the public about the problems that exist, to improve our community. We also provide support and help to all those who need it. Nobody is alone, and we show it together every November.

This ride is for every woman who has had problems in childbirth, for every baby who has fought for his/her life from the very beginning, for all doctors, nurses and other medical workers who devoted not only their profession but their lives to future mothers and babies. This ride is for every woman who will give birth. For each person who wants to give and show his/her support whether by sending the support or funds online or riding with all of us.

All of those who are not able to attend our rides but still want to donate money can do it online. We certainly invite you to our motorcycle gathering. Start a change in your community. Provide support to those who need it.

Fight with us for a better tomorrow. For mothers, for babies. For children and families. That is our future.

Originally published at on January 23, 2017.