How words can be hell and heaven

I knew a man once who told me: "Your words can be a lethal weapon if you use them without thinking".

Well, that's something I finally understood in it's roots. A little late, I must confess. Yeah, humans usually must fail really bad to understand something in their faces.

Words can be nonsense. Can make all the sense of the world. Can be loved. Can be heaven. But can be the worst hell you can possibly imagine.

The fact is that in my entire life, I've been searching for all things a human is able to dream with. My "human dreams". But I realized that I totally loose my "pacifist" mood when I am in front of a situation that I consider absolutely important, no matter what. And by that I mean I can be a real jerk. Yeah, I'm a jerk sometimes. And that's not something I am proud of. Not at all. So, why am I saying this?

Because, fellows, I want to warn you that words can be a two-sided blade. You can achieve most of your dreams, as I said before. But you can loose them too. When you have something to say, think twice when you want the end of the conversation to be something more like the heaven you want to than the hell you can create.

I'm not telling you to forget your heart and not live this hell, because this will probably happen until the "click" in a specific situation you wanted with your heart to have a happy ending become one of your worst nightmares (that can be really hard to deal with, but come on, you created it). Instead, I am telling you to hold your tong, think twice, because your words can give you love and take you love. Can give you job, and take you job. Can give you friends, and send them to a place really far from you.

If you love something (job can be your love, like mine) or someone, please think twice before telling your beloved one or your boss something you didn't wanted to, even if that damm thing resides in your head like alcohol in a devastating night in that moment. Don't let your nerves talk for your heart or your head. Be more like yourself, not your insecurity or your inner demons. They can appear more than you think. So please, try to be more like the water and let life flows. Always learn with your mistakes. Try to deal with your problems in a more calm way, and most important: don't let your monsters scare you.

And please, remember: you’re not supposed to become mute and live inside your nightmares. You’re supposed to become a better person and use those nightmares to achieve this. (This is a reminder for myself, I really think that this can be useful for you too).