I sit here….

And I tell myself something that I have not heard since my Grandmother- My beautiful, supreme (good) witch, of a grandmother- was alive… Want to know what the telling is? It is, “I am smart!” LOLisn’t it?

All this time that I have been holding jobs in areas that did not serve me in any way, I have always known and believed without any shadow of doubt that I am powerful, intelligent, and very much desirable beyond what I have thought to be true.

My Nonnie made sure this… This powerfully charged fire within me, would be able to see itself [through me] the way she had always seen me as she raised me.

She raised me in the ways of knowing the grace and beauty of God, and never once faltered in proving that God, this unobserved force that we as humans worship, is more true than anything we could ever possibly fathom. Her faith, as it is right now, give me life in heart, mind, and spirit to understand that as we are in this life, we will be forever until we see that the love that those that have come before us have shown….

Amy Winehouse just came on… The song is “My Tears Dry On Their Own”.

Hi Nonnie ❤

I love you. Forever and always.