Beginners experience

A few months back I have had the opportunity to attend, for the first time, an open infrastructure conference. The OpenStack summit is an event filled with novelty ideas and covers a wide range of topics, as public and private cloud, edge computing, NFV, CI/CD and much more. I was eager to expand my scope of OpenStack features and to get the most from the conference.

At the conference, I met other professionals from all over the world and across different communities. I contacted others who I had previously met so I could get to know them a little deeper…

Final post

Over the last three months I could learn a lot about Cloud Computing, specifically with OpenStack and Kubernetes. I had the opportunity to work and be part of the OpenStack open source community and hopefully I have made satisfying and relevant contributions.

During this period I made part of Kuryr-Kubernetes project, and focused on understanding Kuryr major components and its dependencies to other services, so I could improve the management that Kubernetes does of Kuryr-Kubernetes pods. Also, I dived into a lot of Kubernetes and Neutron concepts in order to fully understand Kuryr and come up with appropriate solutions.


Adding Kubernetes probes to Kuryr

Some updates on the last post:

  • The patch that adds liveness checks to Kuryr Controller was merged. This means that when the controller is not healthy the container will be recreated.
  • Continued working on the blueprint that adds health checks to Kuryr CNI pod.

Adding health checks to CNI

In order to guarantee readiness and liveness for Kuryr CNI daemon, which is on its way to become the default CNI component of Kuryr-Kubernetes, a few checks need to be made.

  • Connection to k8s API for the watcher.
  • IPDB is in working order, which is a transactional database for networks stack objects.
  • Maximum CNI add failure.
  • Depending on the VIF binding the presence of ovs br-int.

The patch for this blueprint is #537721 and it has not yet been reviewed.

Adding Kubernetes probes to Kuryr-Kubernetes

Over the last weeks since my last post I continued working on improving the management that Kubernetes does of Kuryr-Kubernetes pods.

Kuryr Controller pod

For the Controller pod, besides having added the readiness probe, I started adding a liveness probe, which will assure that the Controller is alive and healthy to perform its operations.

The liveness probe will work by sending an HTTP request to the Health Manager Server who will check the health state of Kuryr-Controller components that were registered to be checked. …

Adding Kubernetes probes to Kuryr-kubernetes

Hi there,

Happy 2018 and let’s get back on track!

As promised in my last post, I will dive into more details about Kuryr-Kubernetes and my first task for the Outreachy internship.

Kuryr-Kubernetes includes native Neutron-based networking in Kubernetes. As a result it gives higher flexibility when deploying, in a way that containers are in the same Neutron Network, regardless if are deployed bare metal or inside VMs and so you can route between them.

The two main components of Kuryr are:

  • Kuryr Controller: A daemon that watches Kubernetes API for resources changes and performs allocation and management of Neutron…

Firstly, what is outreachy?

Outreachy is a program that aims to embrace people underrepresented in tech, which usually under-estimate their skills, by offering the opportunity to get started in the Open Source world with a paid three month internship.

It provides projects with communities like Mozilla, Openstack, GNOME and Linux Kernel. Most of these projects involves coding, but for the non-coding ones, it is possible to work with documentations, design and translation.

When accepted, the Intern will work remotely and full-time on the development of the project assigned. …

Maysa Macedo

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