No matter the year, trench coats are always in. This versatile fashion staple is perhaps one of the only clothing items that can transfer from work to office and still be fashionable. But the one problem with having so many kinds of trench coats to wear is that it is hard to decipher which are on-trend! The trends for the 2017 season are notably color- and fabric-based.

Here is our selection of the trends to watch out for to add to your already overflowing trench coat selection:

1- Leather: For the bold fashionistas aiming to kill two birds with one stone- more leather and more trench. What could be better?

Tommy Hilfiger Collection

2- Suede: For a softer, refined look, consider the suede trend when buying a new trench coat. This particular coat adds asymmetrical lines to keep it modern.

Boss Grey Suede Trench

3- Blush: Blush might seem a bit far-fetched, but this color is sure to bring life to any outfit you pair it with. This color is perfect for the office or for a brunch look during any season.

Reiss Blush Trench Coat

4- Twill: A popular fabric choice for the office or other professional ventures, twill just as timeless as the trench-but rarely has that combination been as trendy as now. French Connection’s Twill Trench is a much-needed upgrade from a classic trench.

5- Navy: The other color of the season is navy-it works with all types of outfits and occasions. Navy complements all skin types wonderfully.

Topshop Oversized Trench