There is a recurrent, pertinent question that you have to face every single morning Monday all throughout Friday what to wear to work. More so during fall, finding a dress that both flatter and shelter you from the cold weather can be challenging. We have compiled you 6 different fall dress looks to get inspired from.

1- The Classic look is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office, regardless of your job. One way to make unconventional and to elevate your style is to wear a statement piece.

2- The Nonchalant Chic. This look is subtle but has a penchant for high fashion. To the trained eye it’s worthy of any fashion icon.

3- The Glamour at the office. This look is for the high end, confident successful women who rule the world, and would rather do it in bright lips and sky high heels. Rich fabrics and statement golden necklaces are the way to go.

4- The Fun office wear. This look is relatively easy to achieve. Experiment away and have fun with clothes. It’s about enjoying fashion and styling different outfits in a fun vibrant way.

5- Simple & Feminine. All you have to do to achieve this look is opt for flowy flirty dresses, small, refined jewelry and look casual smart. To finish this look, decide on flats or short heels rather than stiletto.

6- The Edgy look. As the name suggests it, this style isn’t for the faint hearted. Although one can add an edge to any look, this style is more appropriate for those within the blurry lines of office attire.