Dive into this season’s new trend by substituting your black with navy! This deep blue gives an aura of sophistication, while also being chic and fun. Whether adding some stripes to the mix, or going full on navy, the color is sure to make you look sharp and effortless. Here are some styles for inspiration:

  1. There is no going wrong with button up dresses, and nothing says “classic” like navy. Throw on a long sleeved dress in this color in order to achieve an effortless yet sophisticated look.

2. Stripes are the newest trend right now, pair them with a flared dress or skirt in order to make the perfect summer outfit!

3. Draping yourself with a maxi dress in navy not only flatters one’s silhouette, but creates an elegance look.

4. Topping a navy jacket over a blouse or t-shirt, along with some denim jeans, is a perfect way to achieve a simple yet stylish look.

5. Pair a navy skirt with a crop top in order to achieve the perfect chic look.