Loving him was never wrong, of all I know, it’s the only right thing..

Inspite of all the chaos that surrounds, loving him was enough to take me to the most wonderful version the world can be, where i’m no longer afraid to dream, where birds still sing and roses will always grow.. He brought back the brightness of the faded colours of my hopeless reality. He is my hope.

Is it possible you love someone so much that the entiere meaning you give to exsistance revolves only around him? Well I do, with no expectation he came and flipped my destiny, with no hezitation I gave him my all.

And what a beautiful story to tell, not to anyone but to myself, beacause I’ve waited for this for so long, letting you take my mind and heart, I’ve waited so long for your love.

And even though I’ve waited, you were the unexpected.

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